Network-SchemaFiles2Go Server is a solution for secure access to files and shares without moving them into the cloud. Files2Go has similar functionality like Dropbox and others but everything is and stays in your network and on your network servers with a fully secured communication that is not using any cloud.

We are using SSL and 2 factor authentication together with secure data encryption to take care that only trusted partners have access to your data.

All components are integrated with Windows network and Windows directory and the Files2Go client delivers a seamless extension of existing desktop functionality without the need of an second permission system. All parts and settings of the solution are managed via policies that can be connected and linked to existing groups:

  • Main functions are mobile access, sync, share and link sending.
  • Files2Go link handling can help you to scale down your Mailbox usage. Sending links (SSL) helps to cut down eMail space.
  • All clients – also the Link and the Share Clients – are connecting with Files2Go server to receive setup, configuration data and policies from the server. AllĀ use is restricted to authenticated users only.
  • Files2Go server is working based on standards and setup can fit with a lot of different customer network scenarios and security requirements.