Files2Go is an enterprise solution to allow and control mobile access to files and shared files for internal and external users. Our secure access engine is the base to protect the communication and all files and data that has been made available with our platform. In addition there is a full auditing of all user activities. Files2Go is designed and built for corporate networks:


file explorer, sync client and secure sharing

Download, view, eMail, forward and upload files from corporate server to App and back. Auto-Sync for files and folders. Access to all personal network drives and shares. Integrated viewer or players for all office and media files.


no cloud – fully on premise

Keep your data inhouse, protected and secure:
Files2Go installs completely on your server and is just connecting to authorized users and devices. All data is where it should be: On your servers and in your network.


mobile office integration

With Files2Go Apps you can open, edit and save back office documents with Office mobile Apps from Microsoft. You do not need to use SharePoint or Microsoft cloud or any other cloud for that. We are using Active Directory for authenticating users and for all file permissions. All that works directly out of your corporate network.


clients for all platforms

Mobile or Desktop, IOS or Android, App or Web – simply access your files from Everywhere. And always secure with encrypted communication, authentication with your network credentials and company certificates. From any platform.


send links and share files

exchangeExchanging files with customers and partners made easy and secure. Create links and flexible shares, invite people and manage the permissions for access and use of the files. With access permissions, password protection, download counting and a limited lifetime of links and shares.


management server and user policies

Control what your users are able to do. Policies control what happens with files, folders and shares. The management server is connecting to active directory groups and makes administration comfortable. In addition there is a full auditing for all user activities.